Blogmas Day 3☃️

3. Winter items I cannot live without

I got woken up this morning from a continuous annoying noise so I opened my bedroom door to find my Christmas tree standing there,lights twinkling and a huge mess on the floor. In my house we normally put the Christmas tree up in the middle of December. This is the earliest we’ve ever put it up and I am not complaining😍

Anyways onto blogmas. Today’s post is all about my winter items I cannot live without and I have a lot😊

  • Blankets

Honestly blankets are my life. I sleep in a double bed with one duvet and around 3 blankets. My parents always give off to me because they think I’m going to suffocate or something😂They just solve all your problems. Upset? Blanket. Sleepy? Blanket. Cold? Blanket. This has to be my first item because I love love love!!

  • Dressing gown

I know this is kind of the same thing as a blanket but guess what? I wear a dressing gown while the blankets are on top of me. I sound so crazy but my room is so cold in the winter. Currently my hands are freezing writing this. I might need to buy gloves for bed😳

  • Scarfs and hats

In December it’s so important to wrap up (well I think everyone knows this). I like to stay warm by wearing a scarf and hat along with a big coat. My favourite hats are the ones with the Pom poms on top. You can find such cute hats in Penneys/Primark for so cheap. They are so cute too! I also get my scarfs in Penneys/Primark. Long checkered ones are my fav.

  • Hot drinks

Hot drinks are a must have in the winter months! Chai lattes are so delicious and very festive. Of course you have to make the best hot chocolate while watching ‘Elf’. Cadburys hot chocolate topped with loads and loads of marshmallows and cream😍Sometimes when I feel extra I pop a candy cane into my mug and let it melt away.

  • Movies

I’m sure no one can argue with me on this one. Watching loads of movies in bed on a cold day is one of my favourite things to do. Some of my favourites are ‘Arthur Christmas’,all the ‘Santa claus’ movies and ‘Trolls’.

  • Candles

I can’t live without candles in any season never mind just winter! Fairy lights and candles are such a cute and simple way to make your room just the perfect amount of cosy without going over the top. My favourite candle scents are mostly sweet like vanilla and cookies,but this year I’ve found a soft spot for the more festive scents like cinnamon and mulled wine.

  • Moisturiser and face masks

My skin gets very dry during the colder months and it’s very important to keep it hydrated! The moisturiser I used is ‘ps lets face it’. This moisturiser makes your face very soft while adding a scent to keep you smelling fresh. It is made with rose and vitamin e which are great to treat your skin. You can get this in Penneys/Primark for so cheap. I also use the Penneys/Primark sheet masks. Pop this sheet mask onto your face and leave it for 20mins you will feel amazing after. My personal favourite is the avocado hydrating mask.

This is it for my winter items I can’t live without. They aren’t something very special these are just little things that make me happy in the winter times❤️

Hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to leave any comments below.


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