Blogmas Day 5☃️

5.Winter skincare routine

Hello!! I don’t really have much of a skin care routine. I’ve no fancy products just a few bits and bots to try keep my skin clear✨Enjoy xox

So first of all I start off by washing my face with…water!! I know. Water it’s crazy. I’ve done this my whole life. My skin is weird. I have no acne or anything but I get a few spots here and there. My skin is combo (dry+oily) but also makeup doesn’t stick to it. It’s so annoying. I do my makeup lovely for a night out and 2 hours later it’s nearly all gone🙂(Is anyone else the same or is it just me?! Leave some tips below to help your girl out!!).

After drying my face with a normal towel I then get a milk cleanser. The ones I use is the ‘Nivea daily essentials cleansing milk for sensitive skin’ or ‘Cien gentle cleansing milk for all skin types’. I switch it around from time to time. I dot this all over my face and then rub it in with circle motions. I do this for a few seconds. After that I get a clean cotton pad and wipe it away.<

ext I use a toner. Normally I use apple cider vinegar but not everyday as it is harsh on your skin if you use it too much!! I get another clean cotton pad and pour a tiny bit of diluted apple cider vinegar onto it. I swipe this gentle all over my face making sure to get all the nooks and craneys.

When the toner drys in I use a moisturiser. I love moisturiser. The ones I use are ‘Nivea soft moisturising cream’ or the ‘Penneys let’s face it moisturiser’. I find the Penneys one stings a bit after I put it on. I don’t like when creams or cleansers are strongly scented which this one is. So I just dot the moisturer all over my face and rub it in.<<<
lly I finish with rose water. I use a rose petal water from a company called 'Heritage Products. I only started using rose water and I love it already. It's so refreshing! A few days ago I was shopping in Penneys and picked up the 'Mist you hydrating mist' which is made with rose and vitamin e. Again this one is perfumed and kind of stings. I don't use it as often and the heritage one but I'm running out that😬 That’s basically all I do with my skin. The main tip I would give is to always wash your gave with water everyday. It makes such a difference you wouldn’t even think it!

Hope you enjoyed reading. Feel free to leave any comments below🙉✨

~Blondie Xx

3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 5☃️

  1. I need to try the nivea cleaning milk..
    Nice post. Its awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! You should it’s so good❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome..
        I’ll find it..

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