Blogmas Day 6☃️

6. Christmas wishlist

So I know this is a bit late since I’m posting 3 days later. I’ll explain,so I done blogmas Day 5 which was a skincare routine and since then I’ve had no views on it. I’m not expecting 5million views in a week obviously but I just felt like no one really wanted to read my blog. Maybe I’m just rambling🤷🏼‍♀️Anywaysss so Day 6 is all the things I wish for Christmas✨

  • iPhone

I want a new phone mostly for taking pictures. I have a iPhone 5 is kind of broken😬It’s just very slow. I wouldn’t mind what colour it was but I prefer the pink/rose gold iPhone 6.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills modern renaissance pallet

This pallet is absolutely gorgeous. If I got this pallet I would probably use all the shades equally. The colours I wear on my eyes the most are orange and pink. Which this pallet is full of!!

  • Urban Decay all nighter foundation

I’ve heard so many good things about this foundation and it looks amazing. I’m currently looking for a new long lasting foundation (I explained why in Day 5). I would probably get this foundation darker to suit my tan.

  • La Girl pro conceal concealer

I used this concealer a few times and it is so good. They are so cheap too! I would get a green one for my red skin pans a normal one for highlighting.

  • Lush ‘snow fairy’ gift set

I was watching Adeline Morins vlogmas a few days ago and she done a huge Lush haul. I’ve been looking for a sweet lush scent for a while. Lush is far away from I live so if I was buying something I would want to know exactly what I’m getting. This gift set has everything I’m looking for.

  • Benefit ‘precise my brow’ eyebrow pencil

I’m not particularly happy with my eyebrows right now. I have the Anastasia BH dipbrow in the shade soft brown and i find it very dark. I don’t have much eyebrow hair and ever since I got this I’ve been drawing them on very harsh. By getting a brow pencil I think it would really help to keep my eyebrows thin and natural.

  • Sam Smith concert tickets

Sam smith is one of my favourite singers. I’ve been listening to his songs for year,I just can’t get enough of them. When I heard Sam Smith was coming to Dublin I freaked out. I love him so much I’m so obsessed. I would proably cry during the whole concert😂

  • Hp sprocket

I have a Insta X Polaroid camera which is great and all but this printer prints pictures from your phone!! I would love love love to have one of these. My whole house would be covered in pictures😂

This is it for my xmas wishlist. Hope you enjoyed reading!!💗

~Blondie Xx


2 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 6☃️

  1. I love Sam Smith as well! His voice is gorgeous 🙂 also, I need a new concealer and foundation so I may check these ones out!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know! His songs too😩I haven’t used them a lot but from what I’ve tried I really like them❤️


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