Blogmas Day 7☃️

7. Snow day

I live in Ireland and we never ever get any snow. All we get is rain rain and more rain. Which is great for me because I hate going outside but it gets a bit dull and boring. We always have a little snow but it never sticks.

Today I opened my curtains and all I could see was white. Everywhere I looked. Everything was covered in white fluffy snow. I was so excited. I put on my Dads huge jacket and went outside.

My sister and Mum were building a huge snow man.

My sister and I got our sledges and tried to make a path going down the hill. I was so tired😂We live on a hill but it’s not really big enough for my sledging standards🙄

I tried to build an igloo but it didn’t really work out. I got really bored and gave up. Also my poor little arse was freezing😂

I took some cute pictures with a camera but I’ve no idea how to transfer them to my iPad🤐

Overall it was a really good day and I probably won’t see snow for a while😂

Hope you enjoyed reading!! Xx


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