Blogmas Day 10☃️

10. Favourite Christmas movies

Ugh. Christmas movies😍Here are some of my favourites!

  1. The Santa Clause🎄

This movie has to be at the top of my list. It’s my favourite Christmas movie. I used to watch this all the time as a child. Even when it wasn’t Christmas time. I was obsessed. I had a day off school last week and I sat on the couch watching the three movies all day. The Santa Clause is about a man called Scott Calvin. His ex wife has a new husband but Scott still gets to see their child Charlie. Charlie is staying with Scott for Christmas. On Christmas Eve Santa arrives on the Calvin’s roof and ends up falling off the roof. Scott then turns into the new Santa which no one believes. This movie is so magical and festive. It has a really good story to it.

2. Arthur Christmas🎄

Arthur Christmas is about a tragedy that happened in the North Pole. Santa forgot to deliver a present to one child. Arthur is so upset by this and makes it his mission to get the present to the little girl who was forgotten. I find this movies very emotional I don’t know why😂 I love how Arthur does everything in his power to make this little girl have a present to wake up to on Christmas morning. It’s very heart warming.

3. Home Alone🎄

A Christmas classic. Home alone. This is about a little boy called Kevin. Him and family are going to Paris for Christmas but his family end up forgetting him at the house. The night before Kevin wished he didn’t have a family and woke up the next day with them all gone. Burgerlers have been looking at Kevin’s house for a while to break into and since they thought no one was going to be there they had the perfect chance. Kevin sets booby traps for them to keep them out. Home alone is a really funny movie and I just love Kevin he’s so cute😩I love the second movie of Home Alone but the third one is different actors which I don’t understand why😬

These are my top favourite Christmas movies I watch every December🎄

Hope you enjoyed reading!!

~Blondie Xx

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