Blogmas Day 11☃️

11. Goals for 2018

2017 has been a good year for me. Mental health wise. I want to make 2018 even better. 2018 will be my year. The year I forget about my past and focus on the present. To let go of things. Here is my 2018 goals❤️

  • Be more positive; I know it’s hard to be positive all the time. You will have bad days. Everyone does. My goal is to have less bad days and more good days! Currently I’m the happiest I probably have ever been. My mental health is so good. I plan to have a journal for 2018 to write my negative thoughts in. To let things out instead of keeping them in. That’s my problem I bottle everything up when I shouldn’t!
  • Get out of the house more; I was going to write down exercise more but we all know that won’t work out. I want to go for more walks,go to town more,meet up with friends more and just get out the house in general! I always say ugh I hate walks until I get out there I really enjoy it. This is one of my main goals for me as I’m a very lazy person😂
  • Eat healthier; Recently I’ve noticed I’ve put on more weight than I would like. That’s okay and all but I want to get to a healthy. I have a journal which I write down what I eat in the day and if I do any exercise I jot that in too. It’s such a good way to keep track of what your putting into your body. It really helps me.
  • Go on the treadmill at least twice a week; I always have these phases when I go on the treadmill everyday for like a week then I stop. I would like to get into a routine with exercising just even run on the treadmill for 10mins would do! It’s better than nothing in my opinion.
  • Ignore the negative; I talked about this in my blogmas Day 8 how my mood changes when I’m around negative people. I think this is the same for everyone. In 2018 I want to ignore all the negative people who just love to b*tch and talk about people,comment other people’s actions etc.
  • Read more; I hardly ever read. I have three of the ‘Girl Online’ books by Zoe Sugg and I’ve only read one😂I love the stories in books but I just hate reading. That’s why I watch so many movies.
  • Start a hobby; I have literally no hobbies. That’s why I wanted to start blogging. To set my mind to something. To do something rather lie in bed all day and watch YouTube. I’m not a sporty kind of person. Actually I’m not a sporty person at all,I hate sports. I really need to find something I love doing.

That is most of my goals for 2018. Let’s be honest I probably won’t succeed with most of these😂

Hope you enjoyed reading!!!

Let me know your goals for 2018 in the comments Xx

~Blondie Xx

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