Blogmas Day 9☃️

9. What Christmas means to me

Today for day 9 I’m going to tell yous what Christmas means to me. It means a lot of things. Family,friends,gifts,decorations and the amazing food. I could go on and on forever

. Around this time of the year everyone’s mood is just so happy. I’m a positive,bubbly person and that’s just my personality but when people around me aren’t very happy it changes my mood completely. Christmas just makes everyone happy (unless your the grinch🙉). I guess that’s why it’s called the most wonderful time of the year!

Let’s get onto the food😍THEE FOOODD. Christmas dinner,after eights,pringles,gingerbread men,the desserts. I don’t really have a sweet tooth usually by around Christmas I just eat anything and everything. Take a break from the diet and just pig out! Finger food is my absolute favourite😩Things like pigs in blankets,filo prawns,onion rings ugh I’d choose over chocolate any day!

Family is so important at Christmas. That’s mostly how I spend my Christmas,with my family. Playing board games,baking with my sister and decorating the house with my mum. Nothing can beat sitting at a dinning table just talking about absolutely everything and arguing over which board game to play next.

Gifts. This is what I love🙄I think the reason I love the gift part of Christmas so much because I’m a huge shopaholic and love spending money🤷🏼‍♀️Buying and receiving gifts is just so fun. Going into town on a cold day just picking up little bits and bobs for your bestfriend,boyfriend,girlfriend etc and then watching them open it😩I actually enjoy wrapping as much as tearing open😟

That is what Christmas means to me💗I hope you enjoyed reading!! Xx

~Blondie Xx

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