On my mind #1

Hey everyone!! I had no idea what to write today for my Sunday post and this idea literally popped into my head 1minute ago. I might make this a series on my blog. Basically on my mind is means what it says on the tin. What is on my mind at that current moment I’m writing. To be honest with everything. Like a diary,but an online diary all you beautiful people can read. So let’s get onto it shall we?😋

Right now I’m in a well,shitty mood. I went to a career therapist today (I’m not sure what her actual job name is). Basically what she does is reads my body language etc,to find out what personality I have. By using my personality,interests and skills she can find the right job for me. I know I’m only 16 but this is the time I need to actually sit down and figure my life out. Anyways,we had a talk today and she was asking me questions. One of the questions were ‘Are you confident as a person’. Then it hit me. I’m not. I’m scared to show who I really am. I hide everything from my friends and family. I feel like they would judge me. This is why my blog is anonymous. I don’t even want to put my name on this just incase one of my friends find it and tell everyone. I know I shouldn’t be like this but I can’t help it. I feel so different to everyone else. I haven’t met anymore like me,that shares the same interests. Someone I’m not afraid to hide everything from. It’s hard feeling like this,I’m always putting myself down ya know? One of my main goals for 2018 is to be confident in myself and not to give a f*ck what anyone else thinks of me. We all have those days,I guess. I want to make my blog a positive place where people can come to smile and enjoy themselves while reading my posts. Sometimes you have to be honest though. I can’t just fake a smile and pretend I’m okay when I’m not. I am okay but after meeting with that woman I just realised I’m not the person I want to be.

Anyways less of the sad chat😌I cannot believe how much my blog has grown! I have nearly 300 views and I haven’t even been on WordPress for 2 months!! I’m so grateful for everyone who is following me,comments,views my blog and likes it☺️Everyone is so nice in the blogging community. I just wish I started this ages ago,it makes me so happy. That I can write whatever I want without anyone knowing who I am or me being scared who judges me. Blondie Blogs is my blog. Not anyone else’s. Remember that,no one else owns your blog except yourself. Don’t be pressured to write about a certain topic because someone else has more views than you. It’s honestly not about numbers. I’m starting to realise that.

I’m starting to struggle to think of ideas for blog posts. I have a few in mind but I have to take a few pictures for them. I was really tired tonight so I decided to do this instead😊

One of my favourite things about the blogging community is commenting on other bloggers posts. If you like someone’s blog,pictures or even their profile picture on twitter! Let them know. You have no idea how much it means to get a comment saying ‘great post’. It’s so weird,something so little like a comment (that literally takes 5 seconds to write) makes someone so happy. You know me I’m all about the happiness😂

I’ve been binge watching ‘Greys Anatomy’ again. I’m on season 10 now. I am in lovveee. I honestly think its one of the best tv shows I’ve watched. *Spoiler alert* Im still not over Mark and Lexi,so unfair😫💔

That’s all that’s on my mind for now!! If you feel down write a post like this. I feel so much better now. Even write in a notebook of how your feeling,rip it up and put it in the fire. That’s what I used to do to make sure no one else would find it😂Don’t bottle things up,if something’s on your mind tell someone. I’m always here to chat please don’t be afraid to message me if your struggling!!💛

Thank you for all the support the last few days💗Lots of love,

~Blondie Xx

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