My hair tips for blondies/dyed hair💆🏼

Okay so listen to this…I’m not naturally blonde🙄 I’m not obsessed with my hair colour or anything Blondie was the only name I could think of for myself!😂 I was blonde as a child. When I started to grow up my hair got darker and darker which I really hated. When I was 12 my Uncle died my hair for the first time ever. This is where the whole Blondie thing started😆I got my hair dip dyed but I still wanted to be fully blonde,that was my goal. My hair was such a yellow brassy tone and I had no clue how to make it a lovely white toned blonde. I kept dying the ends of my hair hoping it would work but of course it didn’t but I had no idea what I was doing😂Last year I went to my current salon for the first time. I was sitting in that chair for 6 hours…🙄It was so worth it in the end. My finally reached my hair colour goal that I have been trying to get for years! This is how I keep my hair the colour I want and here’s a few tips and tricks I use to get healthy coloured hair,enjoy!☺️


I cannot stress this enough. If you have coloured/highlighted blonde hair purple shampoo will be your bestfriend. I only discovered this a few months ago but honestly I’m so glad I did. When your hair goes that yellow/orange kind of blonde this is what this comes in handy for. If you like your hair that colour you do you but personally I don’t like the yellow blonde on myself❤️What I do is damp my hair with water and spread the shampoo all over. I then tie it in a high bun and let it sit for 20-25minutes. I think your supposed to only leave it in for like 2 minutes but I leave it in long because that is what i prefer😙I then wash it out straight away and condition with the same conditioner and leave this in while in the shower (just don’t put my head until the water). Then wash out and whholaa I have myself my grey/white/blonde colour that I am obsessed with! The purple shampoo is amazing as you don’t have to keep going to get it done everytime it changes colour (except your roots of course).

Hair treatments and masks

When you have coloured hair its soooo important to treat it. It’s like feeding your hair I guess😂I use a hair mask and treatment once a week. Although it’s important to treat your hair you don’t want to over do it. Search on Pinterest some DIY hair masks,you don’t even need to go out there and buy an expensive one! One of my favourite ingredients I use in my hair masks are eggs. I know what your thinking. That is disgusting😳Yes it is lol,but eggs make your hair so soft you would never have thought!! As long as you wash the egg out very carefully no one will even know you made an omelette on your head😉

Styling and heat usage

When your hair is bleached it goes very dead and dry. To prevent your hair from basically breaking off try use less heat as you possibly can. Blow dry your hair straight if that works for you. I know it’s hard if you have naturally wavy/frizzy hair. Believe it or not I have such frizzy hair that mattes together if I leave it to dry natural. Since I’ve started blow drying my hair it’s changed it so much. I can actually get the brush through my hair😂I only straighten my hair if I’m going out which is once or twice a month. The last time I didn’t even straighten it (which I was proud of lol).

Washing your hair

The best advice I could give you is wash your hair once or twice a week. Washing your hair every day can really damage your hair. It strips all the natural oils from your scalp. Try using dry shampoo if your on the oily side!💓


Your only supposed to use a tinyy bit of conditioner. Honestly I use a handful😂Try to put the conditioner on the bottom of your hair rather than the top. Leave it in while you wash your body your hair will love it!!

That’s all my tips for Blondies (or any dyed colour). These are the tips I follow personally,that work for me☺️Also I am not a hair dresser,these are just things I picked up over the years of being blonde.

Hope you enjoyed reading,~Blondie Xx

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