My current favourite makeup products

Heya everyone!! Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite makeup at this current moment☺️I’ve been using all of these products for a while. These products are the ones I always reach for everytime I do my makeup. Excuse the state of the products I didn’t clean them😳So sit back get your notes ready and enjoy!😘

Bourjois healthy mix scrum foundation; I’ve tried a lot of foundations growing up by far this is my favourite one. I got this in Madrid a year ago and it only ran out recently. I know you shouldn’t keep a foundation for that long but anyways😂The healthy mix foundation gives a tiny glow to your face without making it suupperr Matt. Which I love. It lasts so long and has a really good finish. I highly recommend this foundation if you have combination skin!

Benefit Hoola bronzer; This is only the mini version of this bronzer. I got this a year ago in a set that I got on an aeroplane. It’s not even half way gone and I got it so long ago! It came with a tint,mascara and a primer. I think the set was €20 I’m not sure🤔Which is good in my opinion since it’s lasted so long. This bronzer gives a lovely bronzed look to your foundation. I also use it as a contour. I love the formula and colour of this bronzer.

Benefit Precisely,My Brow pencil; I only got this brow pencil in December and I am honestly in love! I was looking for a brow pencil that creates the effect of brow hair as I have very sparse,thin eyebrows. I looked at lots of reviews on YouTube before I purchased this. I bought it in a eyebrow set. It came with a brow conditioner and a brow highlighter pencil. When I use the three products all together they are so natural. I used to use the Anastasia dipbrow before this and I hated the look the pomade gave me. My eyebrows were very dark and square-like. I wanted a pencil for a more natural look at this pencil certainly does the job!

Bourjois chocolate bronzing powder; This bronzer is amazing! Also it smells like brownies😍Now this bronzer is a more natural one. I use this before and after using the Hoola. It blends the Hoola which makes such a beautiful finish. The bourjois bronzer is perfect if your looking for a shuttle way to bring colour to your foundation.

Essence Lash Princess mascara; Girls and boys this mascara is absolutely fab😫It is by far my no1 favourite makeup product. There are different types of lash princess mascara but this is the false lashes effect in the green packaging. I haven’t tried the others. I’ve wore mascara for years and I haven’t found one like this. It’s honestly unreal and it’s so cheap too! The effect this mascara makes is a natural look with tons of length. If you put on more than one coat it gives great volume too! But I prefer length to volume😊If your looking for a mascara that makes your eyelashes longer than you can imagine,get this!!❤️

Nyx glitter brillants glitter; I used this glitter in my Pink eyeshadow look which ye all loved. Here’s the link hehe Anyways this glitter is so cute I lovee. It’s a bit hard to blend as it’s pure glitter not a pigment. I stick it on top of Vaseline and it stays on believe it or not! I love the colour of this glitter. I couldn’t say a bad thing only it’s a bit hard to blend😊Oh also it gets everywhere if your not careful🤷🏼‍♀️

Benefit Porefessional primer; I just noticed this is my third Benefit product😂Trust me they aren’t paying me (I wish heh). This primer makes my pores hardly even visible. It’s so soft and makes my face flawless before applying my foundation. You could even wear it without foundation if you wanted! This is my second mini I’ve bought. I haven’t used this bottle yet but my other one looks disgusting😂This primer is a classic and lots of people use it.

La girl Pro conceal concealer; Last but not least the Pro concealer😊My sister left it in my house so I stole it but don’t worry there was hardly anything left😚I want to buy my own but I have no money. I don’t really pay attention to concealers because I don’t have a lot of spots. I use this to highlight my face. The formula is amazing😍It’s so soft and creamy. Ugh and it blends like a dream! Im not sure if it has good coverage for spots but for highlighting I love it. People also use the darker shades to contour but I haven’t tried it yet.

I hope you enjoyed my opinions on my favourite makeup products,let me know if you want to see more stuff like this!😊💓

~Blondie Xx

2 thoughts on “My current favourite makeup products

  1. I loved the Bourjois healthy mix serum foundation years ago and had completely forgotten about it until I read your post…definitely added to my shopping list! Great post 🙂 x

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