16 things I learned in 16 years

Hey everyone🙋🏼Today’s blog post is more of a personal kind of post. I was watching a blogger on Yotube and this idea just came to my head. These are all my own opinion as a 16 year old,please don’t take anything seriously🙈Enjoy! X

  1. Not everyone will like you and that’s okay; I’m in my 4th year of secondary school now which is basically high school for anyone who doesn’t live in Ireland. The first two years of secondary school I was what you would call the ‘popular mean girl’ along with a few others. The third year everything changed. People started to treat me so different from what I was used to. I’m glad they did because I used to walk around like the world revolved around me and my friends. I didn’t particularly do anything really bad to anyone. It was like a movie you would watch with your girlfriends on a Friday night😂I lost a few friends and people started to dislike me for the way I was acting. That changed me as a person a lot. Now I have a handful of friends instead of everyone stuck to my side. Not alot of people in my area like me now and that’s okay. I’m so happy now and I honestly couldn’t care about anyone else other than myself. I know myself,I know I’m a good person. The point of this story was do not treat other you wouldn’t want to be treated yourself. Back then I was stupid and didn’t really understand about how my actions can effect others. Just be careful😊
  2. No one cares about what your worrying so badly about; This one mightn’t make sense but let me try and explain🤔Say you have a spot on your forehead. Literally no one will notice it that much unless you bring it up. My friend pointed out a spot on herself before I hadn’t even a clue it was there. I wouldn’t have,if she didn’t say anything about it. Maybe you can notice how orange your foundation is,how dark your eyebrows are etc but no one else does. If you show your imperfections and insecurities they will become more normal. Stretch marks for example,you might have shorts on and be so conscious of your stretch marks. A lot of people have them,nobody would ever say anything about them. They are so normal just forget about it! Love every single inch of yourself. Because if you don’t no one else will❤️
  3. Boys do not matter; When your a teenager,boys are your world😂It’s sad I know. Teenage girls are always looking for that boy that would buy them roses and chocolate when they’re on their period. I had a few boyfriends growing up. Nothing serious just them flings that last a week😂I wouldn’t count them as exs of course. As a 16 year old I couldn’t give a shit about boys. Girls I know literally revolve themselves,what their wearing and their makeup around a one certain boy. Honestly I think it’s mad. If a boy you like comes along,girl go ahead but please do not feel the need to put them before yourself. Wear what you want not what he wants!!
  4. Your life is longer than you imagine; I always stay awake at night thinking of my future. It’s so good to know what you want to do with your life. I think about college and my future career things like that. It’s years away. I still have to do my exams and everything before I even think about what I want to do! I’ve always wanted a child at a young age but thinking about it I have so much time before I tie myself down. I want to see the world,meet new people,do things I’ve always wanted to do and I can’t have that much freedom if I have a husband and child at age 20🤷🏼‍♀️Don’t get me wrong if that’s what you want I’m happy for you!!
  5. Fuckboys only want one thing; Ugh don’t get me started on this topic🙄Teenage boys are the WORST. Don’t get me wrong there are some lovely lads out there but not a lot from where I’m from🤗Fuckboys don’t love you. They don’t catch feelings. They only want one thing. Respect yourself and your bodies pleassee🙏🏼
  6. Most people would rather see you fail than succeed; All I’m saying is people who would rather see you fail are jealous of you.
  7. People can be mean; There will always be them people that will be rude to you no matter what. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong they just continue to treat you like you are nothing. Honestly block them from your life. People will always have something to say that’s the way the world works.
  8. It’s okay to loose friends; Everyone goes through this. It’s what makes you you! I’ve lost so many friends because they didn’t treat me as well as I deserve or maybe we had nothing in common who knows. You can’t make a friendship work if there’s nothing to work with😊
  9. Depression is not a phase; So many people have said to me ‘oh you’ll get over it’. But that’s a story for another day😁
  10. Exams dont matter; Last year I was sitting my Junior Cert exams which is hard to explain to people who don’t live in Ireland🤔Basically it’s like the practice Leaving Cert which is the main exams which will decide what you do. I’m not big into school but I love learning. I basically have no interest in any subjects in school I would rather do my own thing outside of school. I didn’t study for my Junior Cert exams but I got good grades surprisingly. Other people in my class would be stressed out to the max about these exams. They literally meant nothing. Now the Leaving Cert is a different story. Of course I will study for them😇
  11. You dont need expensive things to be cool; I literally live in Penneys/Primark clothes and no one says anything ever. You don’t need to wear Hollister jeans and Yeezys to be popular. Go to the charity shop no one will even notice☺️Maybe it’s the place I live but no one judges you on how expensive your shoes or how much money you have. If you have the money treat yourself girl💸
  12. Society is shit; This topic is something I think very strongly about. In society there is a certain ‘imagine’ for what girls should look like. Which is total crap. Big boobs,big bum,tiny waist and thick thighs. Like no. Every body type is beautiful in my opinion. I don’t even know why someone would come up with that.
  13. Eveyone is so different but also similar; Everyone has a different personality. No two people are the exact same. Everyone is unquie in so many ways. Sure a lot of people can relate on a lot of things. Like the hashtag that was going around on Twitter a few days ago about growing up in the 2000s. I think it’s so mad how so many people had the same things in their childhood. It wasn’t just me that thought the trip to the DVD shop on a Friday was the most exciting thing ever.
  14. You are the most important person in the world; I know this is so deep but you came into this world by yourself and your going to die by yourself too. You cant just hold hands with your bestfriend and go to heaven together at the exact same time. You can’t rely on someone to hold your hand all the time. You have to think of yourself first. Do things for you not anyone else.
  15. Everything happens for a reason; I have such a big belief in this. I know it’s really cheesy and all but it’s so true😂Think of one little thing you done in your life. Even if you decided to smile at someone that someone could be your bestfriend now. If you didn’t smile at them they wouldn’t be in your life. I love thinking about things like this. If I didn’t do one little thing my life would be so different.
  16. Be kind to everyone; You never know what people are going through. Asking someone if their okay could save their life. Smiling at someone could give them reassure them that they aren’t alone. Telling someone they’re look pretty could change the way they think about themselfs. You have to be so so careful about the way you think about/treat people. For example I used to walk around with a huggee smile on my face even though inside I was so sad. No one ever noticed that I was lieing.

I know this was more of a deep blog post but I enjoyed writing this. I hope you enjoyed it,thank you so much for reading💓

~Blondie Xx


2 thoughts on “16 things I learned in 16 years

  1. Loved this. I agreed with each bullet especially #8. All through middle school I was scared of loosing friends because I didn’t want to be alone. So I did anything to keep a friend. But my junior year of high school, I stepped my game up and cut most of my friends off because they were just so negative and bringing me down. I never felt better in my whole life. Now I enjoy having no friends or 1 friend. One positive and loyal friend is bigger than 10 negative and fake friends.

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  2. Me too! I have a handful of friends,I hardly talk to outside of school and thats okay. I know once I leave school I will meet some amazing people that are the exact same as me and that’s what’s keeping me going. The friends I have now..well,we have nothing in common at all. They don’t even know about this blog because I know they will all judge me and I hate that I feel that way😬I totally agree with you one bestfriend is wayy better than 10 bestfriends you can’t trust. So glad you liked this,thank you for the follow too💓


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