Purple eye look with yellow halo eye☀️

Hey everyone😊Today I’m going to be showing you another eye look since I got a lot of you liked my pink and gold cut crease. This was my first time doing a halo eye I literally had no idea what I was doing😂Enjoy x

First I started off by doing my eyebrows and set a base for my eyeshadow. I went in with shade 1 from the Makeup Revelution Colour Chaos eyeshadow pallet and blended that as my transition shade.

Next I went in with shade 2 (Inglot rainbow eyeshadow 128) and put that just above the crease.

In the crease and outer V I put shade 3. Adding more until I was happy with the colour.

In the middle of my eyelid I drew a line with concealer. Then I fixed it as if I was doing a cut crease but left out the two sides. I blended the two sides with shade 3.

Using a small brush I dipped in to the yellow shade in the pallet and patted that only where the concealer is.

I then cleaned up the look with a makeup wipe and popped on eyelashes. Wholllaa a colourful,cute eyeshadow look perfect for Summer time and festivals☺️

I hope you enjoyed this eyeshadow look I really like the way it turned out. Thank you so much for reading💓

~Blondie Xx

8 thoughts on “Purple eye look with yellow halo eye☀️

  1. i love the colours in this look! xx

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  2. This look is insane, well done 🙂

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  3. This is super pretty! Looks great on you, I’m not brave enough to experiment with colours so tend to stick to neutral shades but love seeing different colours on people!

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    1. Aw thank you lovely 😊I never normally do bold looks like this I’m more of an orange/pink eyeshadow kind of girl. You should try experiment,you never know what you would like in the end!❤️

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  4. BeautyAndBrushes April 7, 2018 — 8:19 pm

    Oh my gosh – this is beautiful!💛 You did an amazing job creating this look, especially the purple!😊 xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much it means a lot!😫💓xx


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