My go-to lippies💋

Heya lovelies😊Today I’m going to be sharing with you my favourite lipsticks. These products are the ones I reach for most often. Hope you enjoy!💓

NYX lip lingerie; I love love love the formula of this lipstick but the colour doesn’t really suit me. It’s more on the warm side than I would like. Personally on myself I think cool toned lipsticks suit me better. This lippie has a matte finish. I love this lipstick but I would prefer a different colour! I rate it a 4/5💋

NYX liquid swede in shade 07; This is my all time favouirtteee lipstick I’ve ever owned!😩The colour suits me so well I love it. The finish of the lipstick is the only thing that brings it down. It’s a cream lipstick so it doesn’t dry matte. It doesn’t stay on for long and I find myself having to re apply a more often than I would with any other lippie. But the colour is fab. I rate it a 3/5💋

Ps love lip liner: Now I don’t have an actual lipstick to go with the lip liner but I usually use this on it’s own. The colour is such a nice shade of red. The lip liner is dry itself but I guess that’s normal when you just use a lipliner🙋🏼It lasts a good amount of time but I always find red all over my face at the end of the day😳For the price though you can’t go wrong! I rate this a 4/5💋

Ps love workout lip fix in ‘warm’; Ladies and gentlemen this lipstick does not budge for hours! I don’t think Penneys sell this product anymore which is so sad because it is so good. Correct me if I’m wrong🤔A little dry but I guess all matte lipsticks are? I also love the colour. I rate this a 4/5💋

The Penneys/Primarks lippies are so good for their price and if your on a budget I highly recommend them! The NYX are a bit more but they are so worth the money☺️

~Blondie Xx

8 thoughts on “My go-to lippies💋

  1. I love the look of the NYX lipsticks! I’ve never tried anything from there but they look like a really good brand, great post xx

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    1. Thank you☺️The lipsticks are so good you wouldn’t even think they were as cheap as they are! Nyx is by far in my top makeup brand list you should definitely go for it and try their products out! Xx

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      1. Yeahh i think i need to try them out!! xx

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  2. annashepherdblogs March 17, 2018 — 5:09 pm

    Yes! I love the primark lip liners! Fab post lovely!

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    1. Thank you so much❤️Im so glad someone agrees with me,they are so good!


  3. I love NYX lipsticks 😊 great post

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