Why I started blogging

Hiya my lovely readers! Long time no chat..I know I’m so bad at keeping up with blogging thing😫Here’s the story of why I started blogging,enjoy x

So last December I decided I wanted to start blogging. I came across blogging as I tweeted about the show ‘Greys Anatomy’ on my personal twitter and an Irish blogger liked it. I clicked onto her page and started stalking her (not creepy stalking of course). Her blog was also anonymous because she was scared of what people said about her. I said to myself that I could do the same thing. Create a space online for myself. To write about what I wanted and for others to read what I came up with.

In the past I’ve dealt with things like depression,anxiety and self harm. I never used to be able to talk to anyone about what was going on in my head. That’s what made me worse. Nothing really triggered it like I was never bullied or struggled with family issues etc. These bad thoughts just came out of no where. I didn’t know what it was at the start,I thought I was the only one who felt like this. I found a friend who felt the exact same as me. Honestly we were a bad influence on each other. We did talk about things that bothered us but we didn’t exactly help each other to get better. We stopped talking all together and that’s when I didn’t tell anyone anything about what was going on.

That’s one of the main reasons why I love to blog. To get my thoughts out into the open. I know everyone says the exact same thing but it’s so true! The best part about having an anonymous blog is no one knows your name,your past or what you look like so no one can judge you for speaking your mind. One day I would really love to put my face on my blog and share more things about my life with you but I’m just not ready yet.

Blogging for me is an escape from them bad thoughts that go on in my head. To run away from them for a little bit. Don’t get me wrong I love the blogging community! Even if I knew no one would be reading this I would still do it.

I’ve always been a creative person growing up. I used to make YouTube videos about my rabbit and nail marbling. Even though no one watched them I loved making them. I used to make vines and videos with my sister. Even record animal crossing lets plays on my 3Ds😂Thats what I loved doing. Eventually people found them videos and I deleted them all. I hate that I felt that way even to this day I’m scared for people in my life to find my blog.

My main goal is one day I’ll have my own YouTube channel. YouTube is really big right now and everyone wants to be famous from YouTube. But imagine getting paid to do what you love,what you wake up in the morning and think about. That’s my goal. To create something that will not only entertain people but I’m soo passionate about I loose track of time.

This blog post was a deep one but I hope you enjoyed it!!

~Kiera x

2 thoughts on “Why I started blogging

  1. A really nice read! I hope one day you start up your YouTube we will make sure we watch!

    Liked by 1 person

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