Topic Tuesday #1

I done a poll on my twitter account @blondiexblogs asking what things I should blog about. The most popular option was ‘my opinion on things’. I tried to think about a way I could share my opinion on certain topics and I came up with Topic Tuesday! Every Tuesday I’ll be posting a blog post on a certain topic I chose for that week.

Today’s topic is; Social media

Social media is really popular at the moment. It’s what spikes most conversations. “Did you see what Kylie Jenner posted last night?” or “have you watched the new episode of Love island?”. Don’t get me wrong not everyone is obsessed with social media as much as others. It’s the way a lot of people communicate these days.

In my opinion social media is great. Most of you reading this don’t live in Ireland or even the Uk and that is so crazy to think about. No matter where you live you can always reach out to people who lives thousands of miles away from you just by a click of a button.

I really enjoy the entertainment side of social media too. Take YouTube as an example. I could sit and watch YouTube videos all day long and I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this. I live in the middle of the countryside so there’s not much to do here. I know it sounds really bad but I just sit and watch YouTube/Netflix all day😂There’s so much I learn from these videos though. Like makeup tutorials teach you how to do makeup which is a tricky skill to learn. There’s other things you can learn from YouTube like cooking,knitting,painting etc (I could go on forever).

Although social media has alot of advantages there are some disadvantages. Let’s start with the ‘perfect’ imagine social media has created that women and men of all ages try their hardest to look like. A lot of people really doubt themselves and their bodies due to this ‘perfect Instagram model image’ and I hate that a lot of us feel this way about ourselves. I’m sure you get what I’m talking about by this image. Big boobs,big bum,tiny waist,long hair,long eyelashes,perfect eyebrows and an hourglass figure. Let me just say some people tick all them things and that’s great! It’s also great if you tick one or two or maybe even none. Not everyone has a tiny waist with a huge bum and I really love that. I love how everyone looks different. You wouldn’t want everyone looking the exact same that would be weird🤔What I’m trying to say is whatever you look like is beautiful even if you think different. Just because you have cellulite,stretch marks or maybe a few rolls on your tummy doesn’t mean you aren’t equally as perfect as the people who don’t have them! I mean why miss out on so many things like ordering Dominos on a Saturday night as a treat or eating that extra donut just so you can look perfect for your Instagram.

Next is social media trends. Some trends are really fun and unique. I especially love the weird makeup trends. For example the wavy brows and using weird things to apply makeup. Some people even go to the extreme of putting false eyelashes in their nostrils😂Who thinks of these trends seriously!! But of course there are bad trends. A few months ago a trend going around was the ‘Tide Pod challenge’. This challenge includes bursting a Tide Pod in your mouth. Which is highly dangerous by the way!! I still don’t understand why that was a thing.

I really enjoy using social media. But in my opinion some things online go too far.

Let me know if you like the idea of Topic Tuesday and feel free to leave your opinion about today’s topic below😊

Thank you for reading,

~Kiera xx

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